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Aetna Healthy Rewards

Hello, welcome to your 2021 rewards program

You’ll have the chance to earn $180 or more by completing activities throughout the year. It’s an easy and safe way to work on your health goals.

You can earn
or more

How the program works

Step 1:
Complete your activities.

Get started with your activities below.

Step 2:
Let us know you’ve completed them.

Check the box and add the date you completed each activity. Then click "Save."

Step 3:
Choose your rewards!

When you're ready to request your gift card options, click "Get your rewards."

Questions? Get more information about the rewards program.

Your reward activities:

Hello, get started with your first activity

You can earn $5 with your first reward activity. To complete the activity, you’ll need to complete two steps:

  1. Review the 2021 health reward activities below.
  2. Confirm your contact information such as your email address. You can update your contact information through your prior employer. Just call and update your contact information through them.
Yes, I've reviewed the 2021 health reward activities and I've confirmed my contact information.
Hint: mm/dd/yyyy
Complete the Healthy Outcomes series

No matter where you are on your health journey, it’s always possible to get healthier, be happier and enjoy life more fully. Your new health education series is here to support your health goals. We’ll give you tips on doctors’ visits, emotional well-being and physical health.

Just read or listen to the series:

  • Read the booklet we sent you in the mail
  • Call 1-844-958-3773 (TTY: 711)
Yes, I’ve completed the Healthy Outcomes series.
Hint: mm/dd/yyyy
Exercise in the way that works best for you

It’s time to move your body! Just exercise three times to earn your reward. You can choose the way that works best for you.

If you need some inspiration, consider trying a new hobby like tennis, dance classes, tai chi or swimming. Even gardening can be a great way to work your muscles. You can also exercise with friends or loved ones.

Remember that substitutions and modifications are okay. Work within your limits and consult your doctor about what activities are safe for you.

Yes, I’ve exercised three times.
Hint: mm/dd/yyyy
Get an annual preventive screening

Taking care of your mental health matters now more than ever. To earn your reward, complete a depression screening with your primary care physician (PCP). It’s one of the preventive screenings covered by your plan. You may be able to complete this screening during a telehealth visit. Just ask your PCP if that’s an option.

Yes, I’ve completed a preventive screening.
Hint: mm/dd/yyyy
Your rewards total:  $