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Aetna Healthy Rewards

Hello, welcome to your 2021 rewards program

You’ll have the chance to earn $180 or more by completing activities throughout the year. It’s an easy and safe way to work on your health goals.

You can earn
or more

How the program works

Step 1:
Complete your activities.

step 1

Get started with your first activities below. Check back again soon for new activities.

Step 2:
Let us know you’ve completed them.

step 2

Check the box and add the date you completed each activity. Then click "Save."

Step 3:
Choose your rewards!

step 3

When you're ready to request your gift card options, click "Get your rewards."

Questions? Get more information about the rewards program.

Your reward activities:

Hello, get started with your first activity
reward 1

You can earn $5 with your first reward activity. To complete the activity, you’ll need to complete two steps:

  1. Review the 2021 health reward activities below.
  2. Confirm your contact information such as your email address. You can update your email and contact preferences on your secure member website. Or you can call the number on your Aetna® member ID card.
Yes, I've reviewed the 2021 health reward activities and I've confirmed my contact information.
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Preview your
upcoming activities

Here’s a sneak peek of your 2021 reward activities. A new activity will become available each month. You’ll then be able to tell us you’ve completed that activity — and earn your reward.

annual wellness

See your doctor for an annual
wellness visit

Stay ahead of any problems with this yearly exam.

Available in June

healthy outcomes

Improve your well-being with the
Healthy Outcomes series

Read, listen to or watch your health education series, coming this summer.

Available in July


Exercise in the way that
works best for you

Time to move your body! Go for a walk, work in
the garden or get active another way.

Available in August

annual screening

Get an annual preventive screening

Screenings can help you find and treat issues early. Get an annual screening covered by your plan for depression, colon cancer or breast cancer.

Available in September

flu shot

Get your flu shot

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Get your $0 flu shot at your neighborhood pharmacy or from your doctor.

Available in October

Your rewards total:  $